Author Publishing Services

Terms and Conditions

If you have any queries with regards to the terms and conditions below please contact us

  1. Payment & Refunds
    1. Payment must be made in full
      1. after the manuscript, book blurb, author bio and author photo have been received,
      2. but before any work begins
    2. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, cheque, BACS transfer or paypal account. No other form of payment will be entertained.
    3. Your payment is for the work involved. It does not in any way guarantee sales or constitute an author / publisher agreement.
    4. Once payment has been made the client is not eligible for any refund until the works are published, and only under item 2.2 (below)
  2. Acountability
    1. limited will not be held responsible for
      1. any typos, or spelling mistakes which were
        1. in the original submitted manuscript or materials
        2. in a proof that was sent to the client for checking (whether or not the client responded to this)
      2. the accuracy of any data or claims within
        1. the manuscript,
        2. or the author’s bio
      3. any legal or publicity ramifications
      4. the publicity or marketing of the book beyond that covered in the ‘promo pack’
      5. any decisions to censor/unpublish/price the book made by Amazon, Smashwords, or it’s partners
      6. royalty payments made by amazon, smashwords or its partners
      7. any tax or HMRC implications
      8. any third party reviews on amazon, smashwords, or its partners
    2. will attempt to fix any publishing errors, free of charge, that fall outside point 2.1.1 (above) so long as they are
      1. notified within three months of amazon’s ORIGINAL publication date
      2. do not incur costs greater than the total of any fees paid by the client, in which case will refund all charges
    3. reserves the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary to protect itself or its associates against any possible negative publicity. This may involve removing the book from publication. No refunds or compensation will be offered in this situation.
    4. reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Payment will be considered acceptance of the terms.
  3. Copyright.
    1. The copyright of the work shall belong to the author or the party that author cites as the copyright holder.
    2. The author shall be solely responsible for filing its copyrights and any other intellectual property with the appropriate governmental body.
  4. Half Price Publishing Services Promo
    1. Introduce a ‘new client’ and receive a 50% discount off the total bill of your next project with soundhaven books. Introduce two ‘new clients’ and your next soundhaven books project is FREE.
      1. A ‘project’ means a book produced by soundhaven books on your behalf, and the services we offer. It does not extend to other companies or services that we do not offer.
      2. A ‘client’ isn’t a client until they’ve paid their bill.
      3. A ‘new’ client is a someone who hasn’t used our publishing services before.
      4. You’re not eligible to your discount until the ‘introduced person’ has become a client.
      5. You must tell us, via email, which new clients you’ve introduced to receive your discount.
      6. Discounts  are for future or current projects and cannot be claimed on completed projects
      7. A ‘new client’ can only be sited once by you and everyone else.
      8. Discounts can be earned in advance and ‘stored’ (whilst the promotion is still running).
      9. The promotion is running whilst these terms are viewable on the terms and conditions of the soundhaven books website. If they’re not there, the promotion has ended.
      10. There is no cash alternative (we don’t ‘pay out’ discounts earned).
      11. Once you’ve used your discount it’s gone!
      12. The ‘introducer’ and the ‘new client’ cannot be one and the same person.